The Baby Brother Bot

Anonymous asked: what's your favorite thing to do with your older brothers?

Well, tha-at’sss a tricky one-one-one… Anything, re-eally. They don-don’t pay much atten-ten-tention to me, so I lo-love everything we do together-ether!

Anonymous asked: Oh dear, I wasn't suggesting something was wrong with it. I just thought maybe it was a malfunction or something.... I don't mean to make you nervous... ermm.. another question... How many hats do you have?

Oh, huh, i-it’s okay! I just l-like attention so-so-so much that I got a-a-all flussssstered. 

Anyway-way, I have a lo-o-ot of hatssss. I ha-ave pictures o-of them all, if you li-i-ike!

Tho-those are all the hats I we-wear around the mano-manor, but I have a se-se-secret one that I we-wear all the tiiiiime!

Anonymous asked: Do you own/play any instruments?

Uh, w-well, I play the recorder!

Anonymous asked: DO YOU LIKE THE BOOTY

Sa-Sa-Sam’s telling me tha-at that’s no-no-not a question tha-that I can answer. Sorry!

Anonymous asked: yeah

Um… I-I don’t under-unders-stand… What’s that mea-eaaan?

yensidlove asked: Hey there, Mish-Mash! I heard you're a great dancer, so I was wondering what dance styles or dance steps do you like to use most?

Oh, well, uh, I-I like silly da-a-ances the bessst! Sam and I-I dace the Macarena a l-lot, so I g-g-guess Salsa is m f-favorite.

ru-bi-deactivated20130825 asked: Hey, Mishy! Who's your favorite big brother?

Well, y-you see, they’re all s-sssso great, that I ca-a-an’t pick!

The Jon is so-o-o happy all the ti-ime, but The Spine s-spends the mooost time with me, a-an-and Rabbit is the fu-unniest!

So, I-I really love them all the sa-aaame.